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About 5ive

Will Porter, the artist better known as 5ive, had his entire world come to a screeching halt on December 24, 2018. After spending the first 18 years of his life with his twin brother by his side, many of which were dedicated to working on music together in their hometown of St. Louis, 5ive was shaken to his core upon learning he passed. 5ive took that pain and headed to the studio to process his grief—and pick up where he and his brother left off, musically. Three weeks later, 5ive finished a song they had begun writing together, independently releasing the audio for "Me and My Brother" on YouTube.

The heartfelt tribute, which features an impassioned hook the two co-wrote and a soulful instrumental reminiscent of church hymns, began capturing the attention of fans and the music industry alike. Determined to carry Walter's legacy forward, even adapting his brother's nickname as his own artist moniker, 5ive released an official music video to accompany the song. The video features archival footage of his late brother, inviting others to see a glimpse into the undeniable bond they shared. The clip, directed by VickMont Films, now boasts an impressive 24M+ views and counting.

5ive continues to turn his sorrow into fuel, crafting songs that showcase both his perspective and his talent. While growing up in St. Louis, 5ive discovered his penchant for songwriting at an early age. Given that R∓B and hip-hop soundtracked him and his brother's youth, the two naturally gravitated toward experimenting stylistically while drawing influence from both genres. They got their start uploading covers to YouTube and began exploring their respective passions for music as a collaborative duo.

Following the success of "Me and My Brother," which continues to introduce 5ive to new ears on a daily basis, he garnered the attention of major labels and went on to sign his first contract with Barry Weiss' RECORDS LLC (via Columbia Records). 5ive will continue to tell his unique story as he continues to release new material in 2020 to an ever-growing